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I've had this girl for a while, and while I like her design and I like the story that I have been working on for her, the design and story aren't seeming to mesh together as well as I'd like them to. Also, the design just isn't really clicking with me like it used to.
Due to this, I'm putting her up for offers. I will be a bit tentative though.

Here's the dainty I'm pitting up for offers:

. by Jellyfish-Magician
This one is definitely the more tentative of the two.

I'll look at swap offers.
I heavily prefer designs that are more feminine, though they don't have to be female, as well as designs that have more simple/less detailed stocking designs.
I also have a preference towards pastel or monochrome color palettes. 
Above all else though, I'm ultimately just looking for dainties that I can connect to better than these two, and who I feel would look better in a story with my bab, Hayden ;7;

Here's a compilation of my favorite designs if it helps gauge what I'm interested in better: jellyfish-magician.deviantart.…
With all the recent events that have happened in my life, I am looking to clean up and reorganize my life, and this includes the creative aspects as well. 
Due to this, I am hoping to rehome characters that I do not feel any creative drive to continue working with. 

Characters for sale:…

Characters for trade:…

Some highlights: 


. by Jellyfish-Magician
Other art:
Can be found in the trade folder


. by Jellyfish-Magician
Comes with an outfit:
Can be found in the sales folder 

What To Offer/Not Offer

Favorite Designs

Hey guys! 

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on life and an apology. I'm SUPER SORRY for my sudden disappearance. I did not plan to go on a hiatus like that, circumstances in my personal life came up though, making it difficult for me to do much of anything. 

To put it bluntly, the reason for my sudden disappearance was some sexual harassment directed towards my roommate and myself by an acquaintance that we met in our dorm, and the resulting anxiety it has caused me.

For those of you that don't know, I am currently in college for an undecided major.
I moved back into the dorm with my amazing roommate, who I will call E, around January 14th, and things were going great at first! We were kicking butt in classes, starting to acquire a social life again and everything. 

E and myself became acquainted with the person, who I'll call T, on when the person left a note under our door, introducing themselves. 
In their introduction, they included that they were trans, which made them feel unsafe on our campus as they didn't know if they could properly represent themselves how they wanted in the community. 
Me and E found the note when we got back from our classes and ended up writing a note back, letting T know that we were here if they needed someone to talk to, and inviting them to come with us to a show later that night.

Looking back, both E and myself regret finding this note and writing back so much. 

E and me get out of class at 2 most days, but the show we wanted to attend did not begin until around 9-9:30ish, so we had originally planned to study in our rooms until 8, grab food at a close restaurant, and then head to the show. Despite letting T know this in our invitation though, they instead showed up at 4-5ish, wanting watch tv and to get food a further away dining hall.

When we first met T, they came across as a very sweet person, albeit very open about themselves. They had let us know that they had sent the message me got to every female on our floor, and we were the only ones that were nice enough to respond to them.
Within minutes of meeting us, T was very quick to share many details of their life with us, including details that made both of us rather uncomfortable, such as their dating habits, sexual experiences with toys, and the injuries that resulted.
Along with this, they also seemed to not understand the concept of personal space, getting uncomfortably close, and at one point even walking into E's bedroom without any invitation or permission.
Despite this, we all seemed to have a really fun time at the show, which was really entertaining. 

Following the show, me and E were exhausted, as it had gone until 11:30, plus we still hadn't had time to finish our homework due to plans being changed. When we tried to explain to T that we needed to get back to the room to study and sleep though, they did not seem to understand this, and instead wanted to go get food somewhere else. 
Thankfully, the restaurant was closed though, giving us a reason to go back to our rooms. 

Basically, the night was terrible aside from the show itself.
Trying to be nice though, we wrote off the terrible night as us simply getting off of the wrong foot with a new individual, which we completely understood. It can be hard to meet new people, and it's common to come across as awkward the first time you get to know someone. 
I mean, I've definitely had more than my fair share of awkward moments. 

After the uncomfortable experience with T though, the texts began. 
The first text came within minutes of T leaving our room after the show, and was directed at E. In the text, they asked E if she would walk down to their dorm and give them a hug, as they had already felt lonely and needed someone. Within minutes of this request, they then also asked E if she would ever stay the nights and cuddle, as they liked to be held at night. 
Unsure of how to respond to such an intimate request from someone who was still a stranger at this point, E tried to be as polite as she could in her response, saying she was not a touchy person and did not feel comfortable with the request. 
The next morning though, they continued the uncomfortable requests, asking to come over while we were getting ready for classes. They then went as far as to ask E if she would have sex with them, as they were interested in experimenting and wanted E to be the one that took their virginity. 
E quickly rejected this request. 
Looking back on this, I feel like E got the brunt of T's harassment because she is a proud bisexual who prides herself on being open about this, while I identify as ace. We had both been open with T about this from the start since they were open with us about being trans. 

Over the next couple of days, we both continued to receive texts of a similar nature, displaying clingy and possessive behavior. 
T would constantly request to come over, than get upset if we could not hang out, immediately assuming that we were denying them because we did not like them, when we had tried to explain multiple times that we had classes that we needed to attend and work that needed to be done. 

That Friday, E ended up leaving campus to stay with a friend she hadn't seen in a while for the weekend, leaving me alone in the dorm. 
During that time, I ended up with a massive migraine due to stress, causing me to need to stay in bed most of my friday night. With the way my migraine was making me feel, I was unable to look at my phone.
Due to this, I missed T's text to me. Not receiving a reply, T then came down to the room and pounded on the door, waking me. Since I couldn't get out of bed, I did not answer the door. 
When I did not answer, they then texted my roommate to ask why I did not answer, and why I hated them. 
Fed up with T, E tried to be as blunt as she could, telling them that I was ill and would most likely be unable to hang out at all during the weekend, and that she could not because she wasn't home. 
Thankfully, T understood this and things calmed down for the weekend. 

Since further had happened over the weekend, me and E stupidly believed once again that maybe we got off on the wrong foot, and we decided to give T another chance, inviting them to study in the social lounge with us. 
The three of us met up, and it went okay for a while, until E and I got into a small discussion of her significant other, who she had been arguing with at the time. Upon hearing about this, T quickly looked up, asking E if she had any nudes of her SO, and if they could see. 
E sat in shocked silence while I cut in, saying the comment was horrendously inappropriate and not okay in the slightest. 
I then texted a friend to pretend to call me sobbing, giving me and E an excuse to leave the room. As we left, me and E both agreed that it was finally time that we talked to our RAs about T, as they had made us uncomfortable too many times to keep quiet. 

We didn't even realize that everything that happened, especially the texts, were considered sexual harassment until we talked to our RAs. 
Once our RA, J, said that he had to file a Title IX about the incident though, it all finally sunk in. 
We ended up having to speak with the head of our building, than the cops to determine if it was enough to be criminal or not. 
The next day, we had to schedule meetings with the dean of students to speak to him about everything that had happened and bring up the possibility of campus restraining orders against T, which prohibits us from talking to them and them from talking to us. 
We also found out during this that we were lied to by T, as no other resident on our floor ever received a note from them. We were specifically targeted.

I'm happy to say that all the meetings and stuff are finally over for the most part now, aside from occasional meetings to make sure both parties are sticking to the restraining orders. 
The harassment has finally stopped.
Sadly though, since it was only harassment and not assault, they are unable to move T's room, so we still run into them a lot, but it's been okay. 
I just have the anxiety/panic attacks to deal with now, but they're not so bad, and they're only triggered by running into T or heavily discussing topics involving rape, sexual harassment or assault.

So yeah, I'm super sorry again for dropping off the face of the earth for a while there. 
Thankfully, things are starting to get back in order so I should be okay and I should hopefully be back on here more often in the future <3 
EDIT: Reposting this so it's back to the top of my journal list, since it was buried underneath a bunch of old journals. Seeing it at the top may pressure me to finish this stuff 

I'm not in any way trying to rush anyone by posting this! This is more for me personally than anything else, as I am constantly forgetting who I commissioned to do what, how much I paid, and whether I paid or not, and then I forget to check up on things, so please don't see this as me attempting to pressure any of you! ^^; 
This is just me trying to take care of my forgetful brain

Also, note me if I'm forgetting anything because I really feel like I have missed some things that really need to be on my To-Do list OTL UUUUUGGGHHHHH

To-Do List:
:bulletpurple: Plottie MYO slot
- Plant/Flower Name: helleborus x hybridus blue lady:… and…
-traits: 2 blooms (common), single color (common), average sized blooms (common), 5-10 cm (common), sub-species pupil (common)
- Sub-species: Angie…
Design Plans: 

:bulletpurple: Finish main character bios and upload them to

:bulletpurple: Revise and Edit "Coming Undone" chapters 

I want to get more involved in the community and DA in general, so I'd love to find these guys some friends ;.; 
I'd love for them to get some dainty friends, but I won't limit this to dainties only.

Name: Rowan 
Gender: Female (She/Her pronouns)
Species: Dainty
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: host and/or significant other(?), friends, family, shop customers
Sexual Orientation: panromantic and borders between asexual and akoisexual. May lean more towards dating girls though?
She tends to be more reserved with her emotions, as she is a calm individual. This doesn't mean that she's completely aloof or a blank slate though, just that she isn't an overly expressive person unless the emotion she's feeling at the moment is strong enough, or unless she is close enough with those around her that she feels comfortable with being more expressive. 
While she tends to be mature, she can have her moments of immaturity, especially when at the expense of Hayden, and she's not above using the armor on her stockings to bash some faces in if provoked. 
Despite looking like it, she's not all that graceful. She can barely go a day without falling over. 

She is an active follower of wiccan practices, and owns her own shop that sells goods for others who actively practice.
Also, she's a fan of Joy Division and wishes she could own one of their shirts, but she's worried of being seen as a poser or being lumped into the group that just wears the Unknown Pleasures shirt because they think it looks cool. 

Her closest friend/roommate is Hayden, who she met due to them being her brother's datefriend before the accident that took his life. After the accident, Hayden moved in with Rowan as to comfort one another through this difficult time, as they had grown close in the time they had known each other, and a sibling bond began to form, and they were both deeply impacted by her brother's death.
Along with Hayden, she is also relatively close to a few of her regular customers, namely Owen Crowfield and his familiar, Rana.

. by Jellyfish-Magician
Name: Hayden
Gender: Agender (They/Them pronouns)
Species: Dainty
Setting: Our world, present day
Looking for: friends, family, co-workers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
Hayden is a shyer person, quick to become flustered or embarrassed when put in a situation when out of their comfort zone. They can usually try their best to push this aside when they need to though, such as when they're working or when trying something that is new to them. Along with this, they are also quick to fall in love, and when they fall in love, they fall hard. They are also not very good wit hiding their emotions, regardless of what it is. If they feel a certain way, those around them will either be notified by Hayden, or they will be able to tell just from looking at them. Despite this, they do not try to act like a drama queen though, attempting to use their emotions to get attention. Most of the time, their expressive-ness is just something that they have difficulty with controlling. They also carry a love-hate relationship with their prosthetic leg. While they love the flashiness of it and how it looks so elegant, they are not so keen on the attention it brings them and the stares that accompany the attention.
Hayden is also a die-hard dog person who owns one dog named Kobi. 

Hayden's hobbies include reading and writings, studying for their classes, listening to calming music, and helping Rowan around her shop on their days off from work or school.
They are currently double majoring in botany and fictional literature at a local university. Along with being busy with school, they also are busy at a maid cafe, where they work part time as part of the wait staff. They are not too fond of this job, but it helps them pay the bills and pay for their coffee addiction.

Their roommate and one of their closest friends is Rowan, who they met due to Rowan being the little sister of their boyfriend at the time.  Following the accident that took his life, Hayden and Rowan moved in together
 to comfort one another through this difficult time, as they had grown close in the time they had known each other, and a sibling bond began to form, and they were both deeply impacted by her brother's death. Hayden also lost their leg due to this accident. 
Through helping Rowan in her shop, Hayden has made friends with a couple of the regular customers, namely Owen Crowfield and Rana. Hayden later begins a relationship with Rana and moves in with her, as she becomes their new host and significant other. 

:star:Current Status: OPEN:star:

Please read and understand my Terms of Service before requesting a commission.

Commission Options and Prices:
Option 1: Waist Up
Colored and Shaded: 700 points or $7.00
Flat Colored: 600 points or $6.00
Lineart: 500 points or $5.00

Option 2: Full body Chibis
Bailey [Dainty MYO] by Jellyfish-MagicianYitusho MYO - Bean by Jellyfish-MagicianBruh, What The Hell?! - Digitally Colored by Jellyfish-Magician
Colored and Shaded: 1000 points or $10.00
Flat Colored: 900 points or $9.00
Lineart: 800 points or $8.00

Extra Characters:
+50% of the standard commission price

Decorated backgrounds:
Valtameri digital colored by Jellyfish-Magician
+100 points or +$1.00
-NOTE: Only available with colored commissions!-

Commission Request Form:
Payment (points or PayPal):
Commission option (colored? Shaded?): 
Extras? (Extra characters or background?):
Reference images:
Other Notes: